Wish No More -Queen Nzinga Maxwell

My name is Queen Sheps’ Nzinga (a.k.a.: Wendy Maxwell). I’m a womb warrior that honors the regalness of her blood, her ancestral roots and her legacy of revolution and resistance. Empirically I claim singing, writing, painting, poetry, and spoken word as first choices for artistic expression. I’m also a linguist, mother of two, grandmother, and activist -amongst other things-.

Of Jamaican decent, born in San José Costa Rica and raised in the Garveyite Community of Puerto Limón, I acknowledge: evolution = change = revolution, and like many others before me, personal struggle leeds me to self-empowerment, and so today I strive for social equality for all by challenging communities, society, and the world to examine the true nature of our condition.

Of this condition Afrikan womben and womben of Afrikan descent have a shorter end of the stick. Our demonized beauty, compared to standards that are foreign to our natural selves, allows little room for self-love and appreciation in a struggle for personal survival and that of your generations to come.

The root cause of this is the same as everything else. Poverty, war, racism, homophobia, sexism, and all forms of oppression are deeply rooted in and fueled by greed and lust for power and monopoly of life sustaining resources.